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Toilet Repair Service

The AC Hero provides toilet repair services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our technicians are trained to fix common issues and provide fast and effective toilet repair. Contact us today for service, available 24/7.

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Toilet problems are often sudden and urgent. The situation simply can’t wait, especially if it puts you at risk of a flood or big mess. Although a plunger is often a helpful tool, it doesn’t always do the trick and sometimes you need an emergency plumber to be there, pronto. The AC Hero is open 24/7. You can call us in the middle of the night and our plumbing technicians can reach your home quickly, whether the toilet won’t flush or it is leaking.

We’ll fix your toilet if at all possible, whether something is wrong with a refill tube, stopper, float, fill valve, or flange; if the damage is more extensive, we can replace it with a more efficient unit that will leave you without trouble.

Common Toilet Issues & Problems

Toilets consist of a variety of interconnected mechanical components. Over time, they can wear and break, causing these common issues that usually require the help of a plumbing professional to fix.

  • Water pooling around the base: If water pools around the toilet base, it can seep into the surface and damage the subfloor, but you can avoid this by calling a professional. The cause can be as subtle as a loose coupling nut or wax ring, or a problem with a component; an experienced plumber knows where to look to fix the problem before it gets worse.
  • Toilet won’t flush: A broken handle, flush lever, or flapper valve; bent lift arm; or loose connection can prevent the toilet from flushing. A disconnected lift chain in the tank can as well. These parts wear out over time and require proper expertise and tools to replace. If the toilet only partially flushes, the tank water level may need to be adjusted or the lift chain tightened. 
  • Slow filling toilet: Can be caused by a faulty water supply valve. You can try turning the valve to open the water supply; if the toilet fills normally, then the problem is fixed, but there are other reasons for toilets to fill more slowly. If this simple fix doesn’t work, call a plumber to find the underlying cause and fix it.

A crack in the bowl, damage to the tank, or a drain that’s cracked or become dried out are other problems that can occur. Another sign of a damaged toilet is one that wobbles from side to side or is otherwise unstable. These problems typically warrant replacing the toilet, as there’s no simple way to repair them.

People often choose to have older stained and discolored toilets replaced when they become hard to clean. The higher efficiency of the latest models, which consume less water per flush, is a consideration as well.

Trusted Repair with The AC Hero

Our experienced team of licensed/bonded/insured plumbers provides toilet repair with the right parts, and correct methods, for your model of toilet. There are many types and brands and we’re familiar with all of them. The AC Hero can help with minor repairs or provide a high-efficiency replacement; our friendly technicians will also provide you with maintenance tips to help your toilet last longer. To request emergency service, receive a permanent solution to your toilet problem, and learn about our warranty and financing, call us directly at 817-557-7586.




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