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Kitchen plumbing problems often originate from the kitchen sink. Your kitchen sink plumbing gets a lot of use during the day and therefore undergoes significant wear over time. The most common problems include low water pressure, a leaky faucet, and garbage disposal/dishwasher issues. Below, we will explain the four most often encountered problems with kitchen plumbing to help you realize when it’s time to contact a professional plumber.

Low Water Pressure

If the water stream from your faucet is weak, the problem can be localized or involve your pipes, affecting other plumbing fixtures in your home. First, isolate the problem to one location. Low water pressure may be due to a blocked aerator. Minerals naturally preset in tap water can accumulate. Other potential causes of low pressure include problems with the cold or hot water line. However, if the faucet is sputtering, you may have a faulty valve cartridge, which must be replaced.

Leaky Faucet

If there is constant dripping from the faucet base, it can not only waste a lot of water, but signal a problem with your sink. Shutting off the feed line can stop the leak until it is repaired. Otherwise, you may see an increase in your monthly utility bill. You can also try tightening the faucet. But oftentimes this problem is caused by a worn O-ring seal. Contact a plumber to replace it because the part must be properly sized and there are several steps to installing it; a professional can also check for other issues such as an under-sink leak or problem with your drain line.

Garbage Disposal Issues

It is not uncommon for garbage disposals to become blocked by food waste, grease, oil, and other debris. Sometimes, more water is needed to flush solids down the disposal. There are several items you should not put down the drain. Coffee grounds, chicken bones, eggshells, plastics, paper towels, sand, and fabrics can clog the disposal and underlying pipe. If you can’t see what is causing the problem if you shine a flashlight down the drain, and remove it with long pliers or tongs, you’ll need a plumber. There may be other problems with the disposal or it may be old or malfunctioning.

Dishwasher Drainage/Leak Problems

If you’re having issues with dishwasher drainage, chances are it was installed incorrectly. The dishwasher and sink drains must be connected on the side of the P-trap closer to the sewer. Otherwise, sewer gases and odors may escape into your home. When a high loop isn’t installed, the unit may not drain correctly.

Installation problems must be considered when your dishwasher malfunctions. However, there are other issues that can arise. A faulty valve, leaky door gasket, damaged spray arm, or broken float switch, pump, or hose clamp can cause it to leak. Some issues may not be clear to the untrained eye, which is why calling a plumber is the right step.

Contact The AC Hero

The AC Hero is open to provide installation and emergency repairs. We are complying with social distancing and hygienic guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic and available for kitchen sink plumbing services in North Richland Hills and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Whether you have a leaky sink, malfunctioning garbage disposal or dishwasher, water overflow, water heater issue, or mineral buildup in a pipe, we can address the problem quickly. You can reach us 24/7 by calling 817-557-7586.

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