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HVAC Services

The AC Hero is the leading HVAC services company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We provide same-day installation, repair, and replacement as well as the best warranty and financing in the industry. Call today to learn more!

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HVAC Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

The AC Hero is known and respected for having a wide range of experience. We service all leading brands of heating and cooling equipment and can repair and replace any HVAC system part quickly. Customers in the region rely on our HVAC company for their:

  • Air Conditioners: When your A/C is on the fritz during a steamy summer night, you can call on The AC Hero. Our technicians arrive in fully stocked trucks, so they can complete a refrigerant recharge, fix a clogged air conditioning drain, or fix sensors or electronics in no time. From filters and ducts, to coils and condensers, our team is equipped to handle anything.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps use electricity to draw heat in from outside, or vice versa. Rather than generate heat, they move heat to where it is needed, using electricity in the process. Our technicians can service air-to-air, water source, and geothermal heat pumps to keep them running reliably and efficiently; after all energy savings is one of their purposes.
  • Furnaces: Many homes rely on furnaces for heating. Whether you have a gas or electric system, our team can resolve any issue, whether the furnace is making noise, the pilot light isn’t working right, or you smell fumes. Uneven heating is an issue we can address. Our technicians are committed to keeping your furnace going to improve its safety, reliability, and longevity.
  • Ductless Mini Splits: Designed to accommodate smaller interior spaces, ductless mini split air conditioning don’t require a duct system. The air handler is inside and the condenser is located outside. Our team is trained and equipped to deal with any problem that can occur with this type of system, so it continues to provide the comfort you need.
  • Indoor Air Quality Services: Range from a thorough duct cleaning to eliminate contaminants that can be recirculated into your home, to installing dehumidifiers and air purification systems that remove dust particles and germs. Indoor pollutants can be many times more concentrated that outdoors, so it’s important to have your indoor air quality needs professionally managed.

Installation & Replacement

The right sized system provides comfort and improves longevity and energy costs. We ensure every A/C is installed properly so every room receives the right amount air conditioning all year long. If you have an older system that needs frequent repairs, we can make professional recommendations on replacement products that will eliminate performance and comfort problems and possibly save a great deal on utility bills. The AC Hero also offers the best warranty in the industry, so you’re covered for the cost of parts and labor for many years.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Our service technicians are certified to repair all types of HVAC equipment. They arrive in vehicles stocked with common replacement parts, so most repairs can be completed in a single visit. If your air conditioner is only blowing warm air, it is unusually humid inside, or doesn’t start, our team can get to the root of the problem and fix it. Call us right away if you notice these problems or unusual sounds from the A/C such as loud humming, wheezing, or whining. The sooner you call a professional for repairs, the less likely a minor issue will cause more damage.

Preventative Maintenance and Tune Ups

Preventative maintenance avoids unexpected failures and can help improve energy efficiency. The AC Hero Maintenance Plan includes installation of new air filters, cleaning of A/C coils, and checks on the function of control and safety components. Our technicians can clean the motor as well. If one component isn’t working right, it can cause others to fail. Regular maintenance and tune ups can save you thousands of dollars in repairs/replacements and add 5 to 7 years to the life of your A/C system.

HVAC Financing Available

Air conditioning, furnace, or any HVAC repair or replacement can come at the least convenient of times. We offer financing from Wells Fargo you can apply for online, which can help fit any type of HVAC service you need into your budget.

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We fix any HVAC system problem and provide lifetime solutions for customers in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our products come with the best warranty in the industry. We offer financing and online payment options so you can afford a replacement or to install an advanced A/C that works with your home automation system. Emergency technicians are available 24/7. Request HVAC service online or call us today at 817-557-7586 to book an appointment, today!




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    THE AC HERO wants to make air conditioning and plumbing accessible for you! That’s why we offer financing that works with you and your budget. Don’t let your finances stop you from getting the service you deserve!



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