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Our professional contractors are always at your door when you need them. They’re prepared to offer the highest quality solutions and quickly resolve any issue you have with HVAC equipment or your drains, pipes, or fixtures. We’ve been refining our process for decades and offer lifetime solutions that ensure your air conditioning and heating are covered.

Whether it’s to improve your indoor air quality, maintain your drains and pipes, or install more efficient furnaces or water heaters, our team works to keep your home or business safe and operational. Our goal is to also make improvements based on our expertise and the latest technologies available. We’ll even finance your new equipment or repair upon credit approval, and you can pay your invoices online for the utmost convenience.


We are proud to be one of the most comprehensive residential and commercial service providers in Keller. Providing a range of services enables us to assist our clients whenever they have issues or concerns with the following systems.


Our HVAC services meet a wide range of requirements and help ensure your AC, furnace, ductwork, and air quality are in top shape. We offer prompt repair and equipment replacement services and are dedicated to helping improve your comfort, efficiency, and safety.


AC installation, repair, and maintenance, when done by a dedicated professional, can help your system last its entire expected service life. From cleaning and replacing AC filters to refrigerant recharges and tune-ups, we’ve got you covered with the best quality AC services.


Many types of pollutants can be more concentrated indoors than outside. We employ advanced air quality testing techniques and can install the leading air filters and purifiers to address any air quality issues in your home or business.


A furnace or heat pump problem won’t only potentially leave you without heat during a cold spell. It can also put your safety at risk. A bad pilot light or faulty component can be a fire risk and release dangerous carbon monoxide, but we offer expert heating services to restore your safety.


Contaminated, damaged, and improperly designed ducts can circulate irritating and harmful particles in your home. We offer ductwork cleaning, sealing, and other services to improve air quality and efficiency and prevent damage to your HVAC system.


You rely on plumbing every day and are seriously impacted when something goes wrong with it. Always call a plumber, as the slightest issue can turn into a major failure that causes flooding, mold, and property damage.


Slow, gurgling, or backed up drains are a nuisance but can cause more serious problems. Clogs can be caused by everyday items such as soap, oil, and grease. We can effectively remove debris and inspect your drains and pipes with cameras to rule out hidden problems or correct them.


We specialize in water heater installation, repair, and inspection. From faulty heating elements to sediment, we can address a wide range of electric and gas water heater problems, or install high efficiency tankless water heaters that save space.


A gas plumber is trained and equipped to find and resolve dangerous situations involving a gas appliance or gas line. Specialized equipment allows us to tell immediately where a leak is coming from.


Debris, mineral buildup, and tree roots can block the flow within any pipe, but hydrojetting delivers streams of high-pressure water to clear them out without causing any damage. It’s a safe and effective process that can be done periodically.


At The AC Hero, we have expertise in all leading brands of commercial HVAC systems. We regularly service retail establishments, office buildings, restaurants, and apartment complexes in the Keller area.


The condition of a heating and cooling system can affect the comfort and safety of all building occupants. Our factory-trained, certified technicians understand the quality of its indoor environment can affect your business’s reputation. Prompt service can avoid breakdowns and downtime. The advice of a licensed professional can tell when it’s time to invest in a new system, which is one reason to rely on our maintenance services. We can also connect your HVAC and other systems to automation controls to further improve efficiency.

What makes us different?

THE AC HERO was built to change what it truly means to be a HVAC and plumbing company. We employ the highest-skilled technicians with the dexterity to solve both commercial and residential problems. We are committed to serving you with the highest levels of integrity and honesty, unmatched by your typical service company. With decades of experience of refining our processes, you will receive the fastest and most effective quality solutions that are backed by our 100% guarantee.

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THE AC HERO wants to make air conditioning and plumbing affordable for you! That’s why we offer financing that works with you and your budget. Don’t let your finances stop you from getting the service you deserve!


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Jayme came out and diagnosed a problem that another company claimed to have fixed, yet their diagnosis was completely wrong and obviously the problem wasn't fixed. Jayme stated the issue within minutes and fixed the issue quickly and walked away with a very satisfied and happy customer. AC Hero is the best out there for any HVAC needs. PLUS HE CAME OUT ON A HOLIDAY WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

Steve FabianHomeowner

I operate Learning Centers. AC Hero, Jayme Wait and Travis, bent over backwards to get the AC up a running at the Childcare center I managed in Dallas last summer, when temperatures were at 100 degrees. Over 140 children had a safer and more comfortable environment to learn and grow because AC Hero was there past midnight and since 5AM to fix the problem. I highly recommend them. If you are a childcare owner, do not cut corners and have unhappy parents and children. Fix your AC and have it service by AC HERO!

Lina Zugey Alarcón MartinezDirector at Mi Mundo Bilingual Learning Center

We had been given the run around by a terrible AC company for the last year & the "new" unit that we had just purchased from them went out as soon as the temps got hot. Jayme was referred to me by a friend & came out just hours after I contacted him, fixed the entire issue within about 15 minutes, and also informed us that the "new" unit the other company had given us was actually very much used. I was very impressed by the professionalism, honesty, integrity, & work ethic. I highly recommend AC Hero for any air conditioning needs!

Rondi Wilson AllenHomeowner

You never know how much you love your A.C. until it's out in the middle of summer on a Sunday afternoon when everyone is closed. THANK YOU for truly being 24/7! It's rare to find customer service like yours. Spending a good amount of time on the phone with my husband trying to help him until you could get over to us is unheard of in the service industry! Thanks to you we slept in a cool house.

Jessica MasonHomeowner

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