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The cost of energy used by your HVAC system can become a concern over time, especially during the summer and winter. Temperature extremes can cause your energy bill to rise. Your air conditioning is a great place to start if looking to conserve electricity. After all, HVAC equipment consumes up to 50% of the energy used in your home.

Annual energy costs can be quite high without taking energy saving steps. But you can reduce HVAC costs in simple ways. These tips can help lower your energy bill without compromising comfort.

Adjust Your Thermostat

The recommended efficient indoor temperature range, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), is between 68°F and 78°F. You might think 78°F is a little warm for indoors, but it can prevent heat from flowing into a building as quickly than if the temperature was lower. When you want to turn the thermostat down, the system will require less energy to reduce the temperature a few degrees. For even greater savings, invest in a programmable thermostat to reduce energy usage when you’re away from home.

Prevent Drafts

A draft allows hot air to escape and cold air to get inside. Cooled or heated air that the system produces can be lost, making your A/C less efficient. Aside from closing all windows and doors, check that there is adequate weather sealing and replace/install it if necessary. Hidden air flow leaks aren’t the only ones to think about. If your windows and doors are open, shut them before turning on the HVAC system to ensure no air, or energy, is wasted.

Improve Insulation

Without adequate insulation, your HVAC system may not be heating and cooling your home efficiently. Older structures tend to have less insulation. If your home is more than a few decades old, it may be losing heated and cooled air more quickly than necessary. Insulation technicians and energy audit professionals can help assess your insulation requirements. The best place to consider it is in the attic, where rising heat can easily escape your home.

Use Curtains or Blinds

Window treatments aren’t just for decoration; they can have a significant effect on heating and cooling efficiency. In the winter, keep them open on south facing windows. It gives you the benefit of warmth from the sun, which is free. Window coverings should be closed at night to provide an additional layer of insulation. Conversely, close them during hot summer days to lower the temperature inside.

Turn on Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan doesn’t lower the temperature. However, it costs less to operate and has the effect of making the air feel a few degrees cooler. You can therefore leave your HVAC system at a higher temperature to conserve energy.

Routine Maintenance

HVAC maintenance addresses dirty air filters, clogged drains, dust, low refrigerant levels, and other factors that lead to reduced efficiency. Regular cleanings and tune-ups can protect indoor air quality and hard-working, expensive components such as compressors and condensers. By replacing worn parts, the system doesn’t work as hard, so it’s more efficient and longer-lasting. Plus, your home will be more comfortable.

Contact an HVAC Expert at The AC Hero

These are some of the best tips to conserve energy. If you need help with maintenance or have concerns about HVAC energy costs, contact The AC Hero in North Richland Hills, Texas. Our technician will perform an inspection and offer professional advice on usage, efficiency upgrades, maintenance, and repair needs. To contact us, call 817-557-7586 or schedule an appointment online to set up an HVAC energy cost assessment.

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