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Finding someone who identifies as an HVAC contractor isn’t difficult. But to ensure you receive proper installation, service, and maintenance, you must choose one with the right experience and credentials. This checklist of useful tips is designed to help you research and find the right HVAC company or contractor to meet your needs.

Reviews & Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the best gauges of credibility.

  • Reviews: Are often on contractor’s/technician’s websites, but online directories can provide a more reliable look into the company’s reputation, as legitimate customers with a range of experiences discuss quality of service and how the business handles any issues.
  • Testimonials: Provide good insights into the experience of each customer. Look for the ratio of good to bad reviews and the specific factors that go into their overall assessment of the company. If you’re only finding glowing reviews/ratings without much detail, they could be fake.
  • References/Referrals: Call any references you can get and inquire about completion times, whether the company stayed within budget, or tested the system after installation. Also, search for the company with the Better Business Bureau and review any registered complaints.

Referrals from family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are helpful as well. They provide good verification of the company’s service. Other sources of referrals include Angie’s List, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, or local trade organizations.

Licensing & Certification

To obtain a license in Texas, an HVAC contractor must have at least four years of experience and passed a certification exam. In addition to holding insurance to protect homeowners in case of accidental damage or injury, they must be bonded; this means they have purchased a surety bond to protect customers if contractual obligations aren’t met. Worker’s compensation insurance protects workers if they’re injured on the job so, you, the customer, won’t be liable.

It’s important to know if the contractor meets these requirements or is certified in other areas, such as plumbing, insulation, or electrical work. And when you need maintenance or repairs, make sure the company has not only been in business a while, but that they specialize in your particular brand of air conditioning unit or system. There are many types of HVAC training; you want to make sure they’re trained to handle refrigerant, perform air balancing, and test equipment.

Written Estimates/Quotes

Get any cost estimates in writing. The estimate should clearly itemize each service, including equipment and labor. Obtaining a price, as well as a project timeline and payment due date, helps compare different contractors before signing any agreement. You can compare each bid and proposal, but finding the most qualified contractor to service your heating and cooling system is the most important step. Pass on low estimates if the contractor has poor online ratings; you might end up spending more down the road.

Home Evaluation

The contractor should provide a thorough home evaluation; an inspection of your system is a must in providing an accurate estimate. If not, then there’s no way to tell if the company is reliable. The appropriate measurements help determine the size and type of system to install, what needs to be fixed, and whether your duct work or air flow can be improved. A complete evaluation also accounts for square footage, the type of insulation you need, and heating and cooling loads.

Contact The AC Hero

Whether you have an air leak or the AC isn’t working right, The AC Hero is open during the coronavirus pandemic to address your repair and installation needs in North Richland Hills, Texas. We provide complete inspections and an unmatched warranty. All the while, we’re ensuring your safety with no contact service and by following social distancing guidelines. Schedule your appointment now online or by calling us at 817-557-7586.

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