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While window air conditioners are convenient and easy to install, they can have energy efficiency problems. Air conditioner foam can resolve these. Many units have adjustable side panels and top and bottom flanges, but they’re often not enough to prevent air leakage and intrusion. A weather seal can provide more insulating properties; if your AC didn’t come with a roll of weather seal, you can go to a local hardware store to purchase one.


The AC Hero Guide to Install Air Conditioner Foam


Air conditioner foam doesn’t require professional assistance. You can install it on your own in these simple steps:


Step 1: Select the Right Foam Board Insulation

High R-rated foam is best for keeping out extreme cold, but you don’t have to spend much on foam insulation. Any foam board will keep out drafts and wind. Some higher end AC insulation has foil on one side to reflect sunlight and add an additional layer of protection against cold air.


Step 2: Clean the Window Frame

Use a damp cloth (soaked in warm, soapy water) to clean dirt, dust, mildew, and other contaminants. Make sure to reach every part of the frame. Rinse your window with clean water and use a paper towel to dry off the area. It should be completely dry before you proceed.


Step 3: Measure the Space

With the window open, measure the width of the bottom of the space. Also measure the sill, inner right and left sides of the frame (between the bottom of the window and the sill) and then, once the AC unit is installed, the width of the top of the window.


Step 4: Install the Weather Seal

For each side of the air conditioner, cut a piece of weather seal using scissors, to a length that matches the corresponding side. It should be cut to the exact length you have measured. Then peel off the paper backing, position the seal with the sticky side facing the surface it’s to be applied to, and press the foam against the frame, working from one side to another.


Step 5: Insert the Air Conditioner


Install the unit in the window opening and extend both accordion panels out. The edge of each panel should touch the frame. Then measure the width of the top of the window, cut an appropriate piece of weather seal, peel the backing, and place it between the top of the frame and the stationary section of window. Next, check for gaps around the unit and its panels. If any gaps remain, you can measure them and cut corresponding sized strips to press into the gaps.


Weatherize Your AC Unit

There are other ways to insulate your unit in addition to using air conditioner foam. For example, you can remove the cover and tape a plastic bag around the inner components (re-install the outer cover once the plastic bag is secured around the unit). You can also buy a fabric cover and place it over the outside cover. Available at hardware stores, fabric covers protect ACs against rain, snow, and other elements.


Call The AC Hero To Help Insulate Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioner foam is a highly effective way to keep cold air out and prevent drafts. If you feel your AC could be better insulated, we can provide advice and service to help you improve sealing and efficiency. The AC Hero offers a 100% guarantee on all residential and commercial HVAC services and is available 24/7 for emergencies. For the highest quality service and fastest response times in the industry, call us at 817-587-0794 today!

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