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Heating and Furnace Maintenance

The AC Hero provides heating and furnace maintenance for customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Whether you need a furnace, boiler, or heat pump tune-up or repair, our team is here to help. Call today to request service or learn about our warranty and maintenance plans.

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Heat Pump and Furnace Maintenance in North Richland Hills

At The AC Hero, we take preventative maintenance very seriously. By providing regular tune-ups and inspections, our professional technicians can spot minor problems before you even know anything is wrong. You can trust them to be extremely thorough and provide solutions that help your heating system run longer, more efficiently, and safely while avoiding unnecessary breakdowns and expensive repairs/replacements. We are committed to helping our customers save money and remain comfortable any season with a comprehensive furnace or heater tune-up.

Maintenance Service Checklist

Home heating equipment contains many different components and connections. During a furnace tune-up, technicians can provide a thorough inspection and tackle a variety of small problems. They can perform any minor adjustments that may be needed. A heater tune-up can allow your heating system to function as well as the day it was first installed.

When maintaining a furnace, we cover the following:

  • Checking for leaks in fuel lines (for a gas furnace/oil furnace)
  • Inspecting the thermocouple for damage
  • Testing gas pressure, pilot lights, and burners
  • Examining the heat exchanger for corrosion
  • Looking for blockages in the vent system (air intakes, grilles, and ducts)
  • Cleaning the blower of debris/testing blower motor power
  • Inspecting the burner and flame sensor
  • Checking belts for cracks, wear, and other damage
  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter
  • Testing safety controls and system startup
  • Calibrating the thermostat as required
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Inspecting, tightening, and/or replacing damaged wiring

Benefits of Heating Maintenance

Repairing or replacing a furnace can be quite expensive. A heater tune-up doesn’t only reduce the likelihood of needing major repairs or replacing equipment early. It also helps a heating system run as efficiently as it was designed to, so you end up saving money on your energy bills. Maintenance reduces the risk of your furnace breaking down when you need it most. Your furnace can also last longer, perhaps well beyond a decade, and you can stay within the terms of your warranty. Warranties often require regular maintenance to remain valid and cover any issues that occur when maintenance is provided. Furnace tune-ups are included as well, so important parts and components can be replaced as needed, before they affect the overall system.

How Often Should I Get a Furnace Tune Up or Maintenance?

Experts generally recommend furnace/heater tune-ups or maintenance at least once a year. The estimates range up to two to four times a year depending on whether your home has indoor air quality issues, or if any occupants of your home have respiratory or immune system problems. As for the best time to have furnace maintenance, before the cold season is best. You want to be sure the system is operational before winter, so you are much less likely to experience trouble during a cold snap, when your furnace or heat pump is working its hardest.

Contact The AC Hero for Heating Maintenance Services

The AC Hero offers a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure your furnace and heating system gets the care it needs. Our team is committed to helping your system run more efficiently and for longer through a heater/furnace tune-up or minor repair. If any major work or replacements are required, we offer unbeatable financing plans and online payment options. We also offer 24/7 emergency service. To request furnace or heat pump maintenance or a tune-up, call us at 817-587-0649 today!




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