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A gas leak is an extremely dangerous situation. If you have an emergency or need a gas plumber to install, maintain, or repair your gas line or provide an inspection, you can trust The AC Hero. Contact us and we’ll send out a licensed gas plumbing professional right away.

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Gas Plumber and Gas Leak Repair Services

Homes across Texas use natural gas, which is ordinarily safe except if there’s a gas leak or other gas plumbing problem. You can count on The AC Hero for gas leak repair when you need it most, as we’re prompt, efficient, and thorough. Whether you have an emergency or want to schedule a gas pipe inspection or upgrade, The AC Hero employs certified technicians with the experience and tools to provide the highest-quality service. We are committed to your safety and well-being, and ensuring lifetime results whether you require:

Gas Line Repair

The most common indicators of leaking gas include a rotten egg smell, caused by a compound added by gas companies to make natural gas detectable. Symptoms include feelings of dizziness, shortness of breath, and headache and can lead to serious illness or death.

Identifying a Gas Leak: To avoid danger, your best defense is to be aware of any signs of a leak. Your senses and physical symptoms can tell a lot, but other indicators include hissing noises from gas appliances, orange or yellow flames, dead houseplants, or sudden brown patches of grass outside. White mist or fog around your house can mean there’s a gas leak. If you suspect a gas leak, evacuate the building, don’t use electrical devices, and leave the door and any windows open. Call 911, have the gas company shut off the gas supply line, and call a gas line plumber right away.

Professional Leak Detection and Testing

If your gas detector goes off, we’ll bring in specialized equipment to determine where a leak is coming from. We can also do a routine inspection to test your gas line for any issues. While this can give you peace of mind that your gas supply is safe, it can also identify potential issues before you have a burst pipe or other emergency.

Gas Leak Repair

Our technicians can replace sections of broken pipe, tighten or replace fittings, or address problems with gas hoses. Faulty or improperly installed appliances can be replaced or repaired when possible. It’s also a good idea to have older appliances checked by a gas plumber. At The AC Hero, our technicians are experienced in all forms of gas line repair, and will discuss your repair options upon a complete in-home inspection.

Gas Line Installation

Installing a gas line requires the experience of a professional gas plumber who can work with pipes, fittings, and fixtures in your home. They have complete knowledge of equipment, installation/repair techniques, and codes and regulations. Whether you need a new gas pipe or are upgrading to a new gas appliance, it is essential that every component fits perfectly. Our plumbers ensure that not only are you safe, but also satisfied with our products, services, and process. All of our work is backed by a 100% guarantee.

Contact the AC Hero for Gas Plumbing

If you need gas line repair, we’ll be there fast to fix the problem, and cover the job with an industry best warranty. Our highly skilled technicians can address any issue and provide upfront pricing. Financing is available to help fit the cost into your budget, so you get the gas line service you need. For reliable solutions, honesty, and integrity, contact The AC Hero at 817-557-7586—we are available 24/7 to provide gas leak repair before disaster strikes.




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