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Drain and Sewer Inspection

Do you suspect trouble with your drains or sewer line, but aren’t sure what the exact problem is? Call The AC Hero for a professional plumbing inspection, using the latest camera inspection techniques that allow for efficient and reliable repair.

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Sewer Camera Inspection Service in North Richland Hills

Detecting obstructions, leaks, and other issues with underground pipe can be challenging. The AC Hero employs high-resolution video cameras to reach sections of pipe under soil, cement, and even your home’s foundation to find the exact location of a problem. There is absolutely no digging required. Our technicians perform a camera inspection by inserting a small camera attached to a fiber optic cable through an access point.

Our waterproof cameras can reach as far as several hundred feet. A flexible cable enables our technicians to navigate the camera around sharp turns to provide detailed views of pipe walls and the interior of your water and sewer lines. The technique can be used in pipe from 2 to 36 inches wide. Image are transmitted to a screen in real time, so you can see the problem for yourself right on the monitor. At the same time, built in transmitters allow our team to record the depth and location of trouble spots so, not only can they diagnose the problem, but recommend the best solutions to resolve it permanently.

Common Sewer Line and Pipe Symptoms

Slow drainage is one of the most common symptoms of a blocked drain, pipe, or sewer line. If the issue effects more than one drain or fixture, it likely involves a sewer pipe. Backed-up lines can trigger foul odors and even lead to sewage backup. Noise from your plumbing or toilet when it is not being used can indicate a problem as well. You may also notice an overgrown patch of grass, water pooling on the soil, or depressed sections of ground material if a sewer line is leaking or broken.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

Camera inspection is a fast and easy way to see what is going on in your pipes. It can allow us to spot problems such as:

  • Clogs/Obstructions: Video inspection provides visual evidence of blockages such as items that shouldn’t be flushed, grease that hardens and builds up in pipe, or other debris that prevents normal flow. It can also identify tree root intrusion that can cause blockages, crush pipe, and grow within it.
  • Pipe Damage: A pipe can break, crack, or collapse without you knowing it. There can be many causes, including broken seals, misaligned pipe joints, and offset or bellied drain lines caused by shifting soil or heavy traffic above.
  • Wear and Tear: Time itself can lead to deteriorating pipes. Corrosion often starts small and degrades a pipe over time. If you live in an older building, the condition of your pipes should be assessed routinely; it’s possible to replace sections of pipe before there is a problem.

Video camera inspection helps identify these problems without digging or breaking up walls. It is precise; there’s no risk of digging in the wrong area, which is disruptive and expensive. Using the video feedback, we can determine whether to clean pipe via hydro jetting, or replace a damaged section by relining it via a trenchless pipe replacement method. The evaluation technique can even be used for a new home inspection.

Contact The AC Hero Today for Your Sewer Inspections

Our plumbers are trained in using the latest drain/pipe/sewer line camera inspection equipment to spot any problem. At The AC Hero, we can fix any plumbing issue fast, restore your water and sewer service, and avoid expensive damage. We also offer an industry-best warranty, financing, and online payment options. Our team is available 24/7 for emergencies. To request service, schedule a visit online or call 817-587-0794 now!




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